Morgan Douglas’ Military Man

The British military is, and has been long renowned as one of the world’s finest. Having seen us through multiple wars it defends, but also educates those who serve.

Case and point – Douglas McCarroll joint owner of Durham City’s newest and fastest growing student lettings company; Morgan Douglas.

Having served 27 years in the military as a Regimental Serjeant Major in the Rifles Regiment, Douglas is more than qualified to talk about how lessons taught in the army effect everyday life once your time in the military is served. And although a change in career from the army to the student letting sector may not be the most obvious of moves, it more than pays dividends when it comes to getting the best for both tenants and landlords as Douglas explains:

“Being in the armed forces teaches discipline, a will to succeed and a sense of fairness – perfect lessons to take into property lettings when you think about it.

“The sense of fairness stands out especially to me. For too long letting properties – especially to students – has often seen substandard accommodation with problems, being let at high prices. At Morgan Douglas from day one, we wanted to put the tenants first, while not forgetting about landlords.”

The approach, founded in almost three decades’ service, has paid off in spades – perhaps in part down to the installed will to succeed. After less than a year, Morgan Douglas is taking on new staff, new properties and have a brand new office on Durham’s Elvet Bridge.

And where does the discipline come in? Well, Dougie has the answer.

“We’ve been such a success with the new approach that we are now in a position to be very selective within our process of landlords.”

“It would be easy for us to accept them all, but our selective approach enables us to handpick landlords that are not only right for ourselves at Morgan Douglas, but most importantly our tenants.

If you are a student moving to Durham, or looking for next year’s accommodation early, get in touch with Morgan Douglas on 0191 389 8630 or email on [email protected] and for information on the company or the wide range of properties, visit