Cross city switch for Morgan Douglas

Putting the landlord first may appear to be the norm in a rental agreement, but thanks to one Durham student letting company’s move, it seems like the city’s tenants are being pushed to the forefront.

Morgan Douglas has recently moved into Elvet Bridge, Durham City from the neighbouring Belmont Industrial Estate, bringing with it the change of attitude that has made it such a success – and all in less than a year.

From their new location, which has been shown to give them the highest student footfall in the whole of the city, Morgan Douglas will use their years of experience in the industry to ensure that the often neglected tenant is taken care of.

Co-founder Douglas McCarroll says the mantra is born from his 27 years in the military:

“A strong ethos of doing the right thing is something bred into you while serving. It’s only right that the tenant is treated with the same standards of service as the landlord. After all it’s the tenant who is living in the home.

“We really go out of our way to vet both tenants and landlords to ensure that both sides are responsible. We still offer an uncompromising service to landlords, but we like to think that by keeping tenants happy through excellent service they will respect the landlord’s property that much more.”

Morgan Douglas is Durham’s only dedicated student agent, offering properties in and around the city. Currently employing just Dougie and his business partner Gemma Bern, they are also set to boost the region’s job shortage with part-time accountant and full-time student letting agent positions on the horizon.

Dougie says it’s great to give back to the region.

“It might only be a couple of jobs, but to be able to offer any employment to the city and the north east really feels rewarding. Growing the company is one thing, but helping the area get back to where we both know it can be, no matter how small the contribution, is another thing altogether.”

To find out more about Morgan Douglas student lettings and their range of properties, visit or call them on 0191 389 8630.